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Most asked questions

What will be Internet data transmission speed?
Data transmission speed for this type of Internet connection is many times higher, than with a modem - the maximum speed is about 800 Mbps, except special high-speed offers. But it is necessary to consider that Internet consists of set of various networks and knots, some of them may have low Internet access and communication with them will be respectively lower.
How many bytes are in kilobyte and how many in megabyte?
In one kilobyte - 1024 bytes, and in one megabyte - 1024 kilobytes.
Is it possible to connect more than one computer?
Yes, it is possible.
If I leave do I have to pay for a network and the Internet?
Yes, temporary shutdown is paid service, becouse network service is constant. Monthly fee is 1.42 EUR/month.
How to change a tariff plan?
Change of a tariff happens at 1st date of the month. All clients who have no term contract can make it
What do I have to do if Internet doesn't work?
First of all it is necessary to reboot all devices (computer, router) if it doesn't help contact our technical support, phone No.: 67888880. Monday-Friday 9:00-21:00; Saturday-Sunday 10:00-20:00.